Commissions & Premieres


Ben Gunn, scena for baritone and piano. Texts by Paul Muldoon. Commissioned by the Florestan Recital Project and Brooklyn Art Song Society. Premiere by Aaron Engebreth and Alison d’Amato, Buffalo Chamber Players, Buffalo NY, March 2016.


Panic: song cycle for baritone, piano, and electronic playback. World premiere. Music by Andy Vores, text by Todd Boss.


Three world premiere performances as faculty at Art Song Lab.
“death is fat”: Music by Remy Siu, poem by Marjorie Chan

“Exhibit 1985, twelve”: Music by Alyssa Aska, poem by Renée Sarojini Saklikar

“Athena and Zeus”: Music by Matt Tozer, poem by Emily Kendal Frey


“The Poet’s Love”; a world premiere ballet to Schumann’s song cycle, Dichterliebe.

The Peculiar Case of Dr. H.H. Holmes, European premiere. Music by Libby Larsen (b. 1950), libretto by Larsen, adapted from Holmes’ Own Story (1895). 


Wordsong Forum V: Four world premiere settings of Wallace Stevens’s “Disilusionment of Ten O’Clock.” Music by Tom Schnuber, Felicia Sandler, Howard Frazin, Nick Vines.

Five world premiere performances of songs by SUNY Fredonia student composers and student poets (residency with ETHOS New Sound Festival, February 2011)

“Nesting“: Music by Timothy Bausch, poem by Kimberly Brandl

“Don’t know where we’re going, but we’ll get there”: Music by Ben Miller, poem by Shane Hemmer

“Mad Monk”: Music by Kate Parker

“look”: Music by Steve Bosco, poem by Eli Lowrey

“Bravery”: Music by Scott Miller II, poem by Travis Perr


This season’s commissions and premieres were part of “A Landscape of Song” festival.

Poets in Love for tenor, baritone, and four-hand piano, Commission and world premiere. Music by Thea Musgrave (b. 1928), texts by 17 writers.

The Peculiar Case of Dr. H.H. Holmes, Commission and world premiere. Music by Libby Larsen (b. 1950), libretto by Larsen, adapted from Holmes’ Own Story (1895).

Dickinson Songs, for tenor and piano, Commission and world premiere. Music by Stephen Paulus (1949-2014), texts by Emily Dickinson (1830-1866).

The Daughter of Capulet, World premiere. Music by Thomas Pasatieri (b. 1945), words by William Shakespeare (1564-1616); from Romeo and Juliet.

Unquiet Spirit: Five settings of Maxine Kumin Poems, for tenor, baritone, and piano. Commission and world premiere.Music by Robert Pound (b. 1970), texts by Maxine Kumin (b. 1925).  


Drifts and Shadows, East Coast premiere, partnership with San Francisco Song Competition. Music by Tom Cipullo (b. 1960), text by Linda Pastan (b. 1932).

“Far In a Western Brookland,” Commission and world premiere. Music by Libby Larsen (b. 1950), text by A. E. Housman (1859-1936).

“Parta Quies,” Commission and world premiere. Music by Robert Pound (b. 1970), text by A. E. Housman (1859-1936).


Romanzen aus die schöne Magelone--Brahms’s song cycle performed with Philip Naegele’s original translation of  The Love Story of the Fair Magelone and Count Peter of Provence (Ludwig Tieck, 1795).

The Creatures Choir: Songs and Interludes for Voice and Piano, World premiere. Music by John McDonald(b. 1959), text by Carmen Bernos de Gasztold (b.1919), English translations by Rumer Godden (1907-1998) .

Lullaby-Alleluia, Commission and world premiere. Music and text by Elena Ruehr (b. 1963).


The Isle of Dreams: Three Baroque Hymns, World premiere. Music by Daniel Pinkham (1923-2006),  text by Robert Herrick (1591-1674).

The Voice of Desire, American premiere. Music by Judith Weir (b. 1954); texts byRobert Bridges  (1844-1930), anon. Yoruban text, Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), John Keats (1795-1821).


Pancarte pour une Porte d'Entrée, American premiere. Music by Germaine Tailleferre (1892- 1983), poems by Robert Pinget (1919-1997).

Write About the Silence Here: Five Reflections of a War, Commission and world premiere. Music by Paul Preusser (b. 1974), texts by Louis Aragon (1897-1982), Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966), Myra A. Strachner, Wisława Szymborska (1923-2012), Gottfried Benn (1886-1956).


Evidence of Things Not Seen, Boston premiere. Music by Ned Rorem (b. 1923), texts by 24 writers.
A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass, Commission and world premiere.. Music by Lior Navok (b.1971), poems by Amy Lowell (1874-1925).


Other Projects


Ben Gunn
by Scott Wheeler and Paul Muldoon

The Complete Songs of Virgil Thomson
for voice and piano

The Peculiar Case of Dr. H.H. Holmes
by Libby Larsen

World Premiere Recordings

The Complete Songs of Daniel Pinkham

by composer Andy Vores and poet Todd Boss

A Landscape of Song
The American Vanguard Festival

The Complete Songs of Francis Poulenc

The Poet's Love
A World Premiere Ballet Set to Schumann’s Dichterliebe

Commissions & Premieres





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